Community Licensing Terms

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Community Licensing is now available for SciChart.js (JavaScript) post version 3.2! Find out below the following information:


Here are some FAQs below.

Q: How does the Community License Work?

When you npm install SciChart, or include SciChart.js as a script via JSDelivr, no license is required. You are downloading the Community Edition of SciChart.js and need to be aware of the terms, that's all.

SciChart.js will 'just work' out of the box with a watermark so you can get started creating apps straight away. 

Note: There is a 6-month timeout (more details on the page Time & Feature Restrictions in Community Licensing). This can be worked around by downloading the latest version and redeploying your app.

Q: What are the terms for Community License of SciChart.js?

With exceptions below, you can use the community edition of SciChart.js anywhere you are not deriving / do not expect to derive direct or indirect commercial benefit from the library.

SciChart.js Community may be used for...

SciChart.js Community Edition can be used for:

  • Non-commercial applications
  • Academic use, personal projects
  • Non-commercial open source projects
  • Non-commercial JavaScript (web) applications
  • Cross-platform applications using JavaScript e.g. Electron, Tauri, Cordova

Exception #1: Paid Bloggers / Course Writers

We encourage use of SciChart.js for educational and blogger/course content use. 

For example, if you are making a course on how to build applications with SciChart.js, or building a course or writing a blog post where you derive commercial benefit from the course/blog, go right ahead and use the community edition.

However, we do ask in this case you link back to and say you're using the Community Edition of SciChart.js.

Exception #2: Commercial Evaluation

We've gotten rid of the trial mechanism for SciChart.js to simplify user onboarding. So, if you're a commercial organisation looking to evaluate SciChart.js, go ahead and use the community edition for a reasonable time period.

What's a reasonable time to evaluate? 

We believe 30-60 days is reasonable to see if SciChart is a fit for your needs, after which you will need to become a paid user of SciChart.js, or, cease using the library.

Q: Can I use SciChart.js Community as a commercial trial?

Yes you can, you can use SciChart.js community as a commercial trial for a reasonable time period (30-60 days) to evaluate if this meets your needs.

During this time we don't offer tech support, however, if you have a pre-sales question then contact our sales team.

If you require support during evaluation to see if SciChart.js meets your needs, this is something we can offer on a sales-qualified basis.

Q: Can I Develop my commercial app using SciChart.js Community Edition then buy later?

This would be outside of our terms & conditions. If you are developing a commercial app, after a reasonable evaluation period, you need to purchase one commercial license for each developer on your team. 

We're a self-funded independent business, and you support us by purchasing our software! This allows us to hire the best developers & make SciChart.js awesome!

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