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Introduction: SciChart Advanced Licensing

All of SciChart’s Bundle products (Bundle 2D, 2D/3D, 2D/3D +Source) are Advanced Licensing ready.

Bundle Licenses convey the right to use SciChart in unlimited applications & websites, on all platforms as standard. This includes SaaS, standard platform-specific applications, embedded solutions with a known domain on Javascript and trading platforms with up to 15,000 users.

Advanced Licensing can be Activated, converting a single License per project into an annual subscription at the headline rate - unlocking user counts over 15,000, permissive non-domain locked licensing, and certain OEM deployments.

A non activated Advanced License supports up to 15,000 users/units (whichever comes first) and can be scaled to millions of users through Activation. Standard pricing is available for up to 100,000 users/units in tranches of 25,000 starting at under $50 a month.

Advanced Licensing Activation is only required for user counts over 15,000, non-domain locked permissive licensing, and certain OEM deployments. Activation converts a single license per project into an annual subscription. The number of applications, websites or other deployments is unaffected by Advanced Licensing Activation.

Advanced Licensing is only available with Bundle products.

Advanced Licensing Activation only requires one license to be maintained at the headline price per project becoming a subscription.

Advanced licensing can be activated at any time by contacting sales.

Advanced licensing does not require internet access and does not connect to SciChart servers in production.

What is the difference between SciChart Standard & Advanced Licensing?

SciChart offers two types of licensing, Standard, and Advanced. All individual products (e.g. SciChart.JS 2D / 2D & 3D or SciChart WPF 2D / 2D & 3D) come with Standard Licensing. All Bundle products (e.g Bundle 2D, Bundle 2D & 3D or Bundle 2D/3D Source) are Advanced Licensing ready.

Standard Licensing (Individual products only)

SciChart Standard Licensing conveys the right to use SciChart in up to 5 applications on the platform purchased, per license. On JavaScript, standard licensing supports up to 5 websites, internal or external, SaaS, trading platforms or up to 5 domain locked applications like Electron, even when on premises. All Standard Licenses are capped at 15,000 users or deployments, across applications.

Unlike other solutions, we do not differentiate between SaaS, Trading Platforms, Internal, External or even On-premises where the deployment has a known domain.

SciChart Advanced Licensing (Bundle products only)

SciChart Advanced Licensing Ready products conveys the right to use SciChart in unlimited applications (and websites), on all platforms that SciChart supports.

SciChart Advanced Licensing can be activated and used for non-domain locked permissive licensing on JavaScript, small scale OEM licensing and scaled to millions of end users.,

Advanced licensing activation only requires one license to be maintained at the headline price, converting a single license into a subscription. For large-scale use cases (over 15,000 end users), there are then scalable tiers adding in tens of thousands of users or implementations starting at less than $50 a month.

Simply put, to access the wide range of Advanced Licensing features, you only need to treat one license as an annual subscription at the headline rate per project where this licensing is needed.

If you'd like more information on Advanced Licensing, extra users, non-domain locked licensing or what SciChart considers as OEM, please contact sales.

Non-Domain Locked Advanced Licensing JavaScript

On JavaScript, SciChart’s Standard Licensing is linked to the Hostname or App ID for websites or deployments such as Electron.

Advanced Licensing enables a non-domain locked permissive license type which is provided to you after activation. This allows you to deploy on Localhost, or for your customers to install on their premises, or where the hostname will change or is unknown.

This permissive license type eliminates the need to register every domain or AppID with SciChart helping to reduce administrative burden, enable truly offline/embedded deployments, and ensures that your project can scale. With Non-Domain Locked Advanced Licensing your end users can get to work implementing your solution without your or SciChart’s direct oversight and you can deploy on numerous on-site deployments, quickly and simply.

SciChart does not charge per installation and your standard Developer licenses, when maintained at full price annually will cover Non-Domain Locked Advanced Licensing. This converts one license, per project requiring this license type into a subscription.

Large-Scale Deployment Advanced Licensing

SciChart’s Standard License enables up to 15,000 users across all platforms. We've found this to cover 95% of all users.

Advanced Licensing, once enabled, can support up to unlimited users with standard pricing up to 100,000 in graduated tiers of 25,000. You will need Activated Advanced Licensing to have over 15,000 users.

The Large-Scale Deployment License is per application and ties your license to the application. Only one license must be maintained at the headline price to enable Large-Scale Deployment Advanced Licensing.

Large Scale Deployment Licensing is needed per project, and not per client. Users are calculated on average numbers per site, monthly active users, or number of units.

How does Advanced Licensing work?

SciCharts Bundle products are Advanced licensing-ready and can be activated at any time. Get in touch with our sales team, or navigate to your customer portal to get started. You can buy now and activate later, it’s that simple.

Once activated, SciChart support will advise on the licensing implementation for your deployment scenario.  This may be as simple as updating your runtime key, or for some JS scenarios it may involve integrating our licensing module into the server side of your application.

The Advanced Licensing module where needed is a permissive license type which means in complex installations like localhost on JavaScript, or situations where the hostname is unknown, your clients can install without oversight from yourself or SciChart.

Advanced Licensing converts one license into a subscription that is renewed annually at the headline rate and unlocks permissive licensing allowing your projects to scale, or be implemented wherever you need them to.

Advanced Licensing has a contractual element outlining the terms of the license and the project it is linked to and does not require an internet connection.

How long do I need Advanced Licensing for?

SciChart Advanced Licensing is only needed whilst the application it is linked to is actively sold or maintained. To cancel your Advanced License please contact us.

With Advanced Licensing do I need to pay per installation?

No, SciChart is a cross-sector and cross-application data visualisation solution, as a result, there are thousands of different applications and implementations which mean that paying per installation simply doesn’t make sense for many use cases and adds in a great deal of complexity for our customers. An installation is vastly different across sectors and can be anything from a satellite to a submarine, or from a hospital to a trading floor.

Instead, we enable 95% of implementations as standard with up to 15,000 users. If you’re lucky enough to have projects with a larger number of end users, then our Advanced Licensing solution can cover you up to unlimited users. For deployments without a known domain on Javascript, we offer a permissive licensing module as part of our Activated Advanced Licensing.

This means that with a Bundle License and Advanced Licensing you can have multiple website domains, subdomains, cross-platform mobile phone app, WPF apps, and domain-locked deployments for hardware and on premise deployments all under one license without any complex purchasing. For simpler deployments, our Standard Licensing will cover you for platform-specific deployments for most cases.

What happens if I buy an individual product and go over 15,000 users, or need a permissive non-domain locked license?

Simply upgrade to a Bundle product that is Advanced Licensing ready and covers your users, and then you’ll be good to go!

SciChart charges an upgrade fee though so if you think you will need Advanced Licensing, it’s better to buy the Bundle product and activate it later. You’ll also have access to unlimited applications with Bundle products!

What are the scaling tiers for users in Advanced Licensing?

All SciChart Licenses support up to 15,000 users as standard. We’ve found this to be around 95% of implementations across our millions of users and tens of thousands of customers.

For those lucky enough to have large-scale applications, our Advanced Licensing once activated can scale up to unlimited standard users.

Up to 100,000 users/deployments we have tiers of 25,000 available for less than $50 a month. After this, it’s good to have a chat with our sales team and see what sort of extra support or help you’ll need.

SciChart supports millions of users worldwide so we’re here to help and know exactly the technical debt that can build up with large-scale deployments as well as the weird and wonderful bugs that can occur when a million users interact with a product in unforeseen ways.

Do you offer extra support for Advanced Licensing customers?

Yes. As the leading provider of high-performance charting solutions globally we understand the requirements of customers with large-scale, or complex deployments. As such we can offer a range of enhanced support, consultancy, or ongoing advice. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

How do you determine the number of users?

With users, we take this to be the average number of users accessing an application. For websites without a login, this is not counted.

Trading platforms: This is the monthly active users
SaaS: This is the average monthly paid or monetised users.
HMI/SCADA: This is the average number of staff to use the HMI/SCADA interface across sites.
Hospital implementations: This is the average number of clinicians who use the interface
Medical devices or discrete hardware: The number of units shipped or the number of units shipped multiplied by the average number of users.

Where there are multiple on-premise installations or multiple users of a device, simply take the total number of average users per site and multiply it by the number of installations e.g 50 sites with 15 users per site = 50*15 = 750. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us directly and we can advise on what makes the most sense given your implementation.

If I need Advanced Licensing, can I buy one Bundle product and then individual products for the rest of the team?

No, where a project needs Advanced Licensing all developers on the project must have an Advanced Licensing ready license type (any Bundle product). However, only one license, per project needs to be renewed annually at the headline rate. The developer licenses will still benefit from any renewal, volume or term discounts available.

SciChart Advanced Licensing Examples

Company A

Company A has a JavaScript solution they are installing on their customers' sites. The installation will use Localhost.

The customer has 300 locations and at each location, on average, 40 staff will use the installation. The implementations will have 12,000 users.

Company A requires Non-Domain Locked Advanced Licensing and must use Bundle products for their team, and have one Activated Advanced License.

Company A must maintain one license of their preferred Bundle product at the headline rate. All other licenses are perpetual and can be renewed to gain access to support and maintained in line with the renewal policy. The license fee is the standard rate as the users are under 15,000.

Company B 

Company B has an iOS and Android solution for a cross-platform mobile app. They have 60,000 users.

Company B requires Activated Advanced Licensing and must use Bundle products for their Developers.

Company B must maintain at least one license of their preferred Bundle product at the headline rate with a modifier to enable between 50,000-75,000 users.

Company C

Company C has a WPF and JavaScript cross-platform solution. They are deploying a WPF app and a JavaScript web portal accessed via

Company C has 10,000 users across 4 separate clients over their WPF app and Javascript web portal.

Company C does not need Advanced Licensing and is covered under the Standard Licensing.

Company D

Company D is shipping devices leveraging Javascript with an unknown hostname. They expect to sell 50,000 units.

Company D needs Large Scale Deployment & Non-Domain Locked Advanced Licensing for their project which requires Activated Advanced Licensing. Their developers also need a Bundle license.

Company D also needs a modifier to cover 50,000-75,000 units.

Only one license needs to be maintained at the headline rate as it will cover both Large Scale Deployment & Non-Domain Locked.

Company E

Company E has developed a flagship medical platform Project A with 50,000 users. To complement this, they have developed Project B which now has 40,000 users.

Company E requires 2 Large Scale deployment licenses. One for each project with a modifier for users. This means they will need two Activated Advanced Licenses.

Still have questions? Please contact our sales team and we'll be happy to help.

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