License Management, Transfers and Remote Deactivation

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This article describes who can see and manage orders on the My Account page, how you can transfer and delegate that authority, and how you can manage, transfer and remove activations of serial keys.

License Management

An order can be managed by the customer (the owner) as well as the purchaser.  If these are the same person, only the customer is recorded.  The customer or purchaser can request to transfer ownership of an order to another person by submitting a support request which must include the order ID and the name and email of the new owner.  

The customer or purchaser may also request for another user to be added as a License Manager.  Currently this must also be done though a support request, but we will be adding a self-service way to do it.  The license manager has the same level of visibility and permission on the order as the customer and purchaser.

Being a customer, purchaser or license manager (collectively a manager), does not give you access to technical support, but does allow you to remove users, request changes to the order, including the removal of activations, and manage hostnames and runtime keys.

If you are a developer but you need management level access, please contact one of the existing managers on your order and ask them to make that request.  You can see their details on the order you have activated in the Licenses section of the My Account page.

Removing Users who have Left your Organisation

If a user has left your organisation and has activations which you need to remove so that the serial key can be activated by another person, a manager can now do this themselves on the My Account page.  Click on the "Show Serial Keys" button on any order the user has activated and click the "Remove" button next to the user's activation.  

This function will deactivate ALL that user's activations, on any order, and mark them so they cannot reactivate SciChart.  Do NOT use this to remove a single activation on a machine you no longer have access to.  This can be done even if your license is expired.  You will need to re-enter the user's email address to confirm the removal.

Remote Deactivation

A serial key can only be activated on a limited number of machines, and cannot be activated by more than one user at the same time.  This means it is necessary to remove all your activations in order to transfer a serial to another user.  We have recently updated our email notifications so you will know how many machines you have activated whenever you activate or deactivate.

If you do end up completely unable to deactivate a machine, perhaps because of hardware or software failure, you can submit a support request to have the deactivation on our system removed.  Note that we will only do this a limited number of times per order per year, and only when your company has a current license.

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