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Posted by Andrew on 17 October 2014 11:16 AM

In the past few days, we have added or updated a number of new FAQs to the Knowledgebase following user questions. Please see below.

Q: Does SciChart Support Technical Indicators? 


Q: How can I add Color to a Numeric Axis (Borders, Text, Gridlines)


Q: How can I add a Legend to the SciChartSurface?

Q: How can I template a Legend Control?


Q: How can I create custom Data PointMarkers?


Q: How can I Zoom Extents the SciChartSurface when checking a Visibility Checkbox in the Legend?

Q: How can I Template the SciChart Legend Control to add a Color Picker for SeriesColor

Q: How can I template the SciChart Legend Control to add a Slider for Stroke Thickness

Q: How can I toggle the Line or PointMarker in a FastLineRenderableSeries?



We invite your feedback and comments!

Managing up-to-date documentation for a feature rich library such as SciChart is an epic task, far bigger than writing the code itself, which is why we prefer to document by example.

However, we want to be as helpful to you as possible. If there any part of the Knowledgebase you think would benefit from our attention and you would like us to update or add-to please contact us with the subject line ‘Knowledgebase Enhancements’, or comment below.


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