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Posted by Andrew on 16 October 2014 08:50 PM

Our support-desk and forums have recently undergone a makeover, with new capabilities to handle Syntax highlighting a little better. Check out the new features below:

How to post Code Samples via

If you create a ticket at, you will see the new CODE button above the ticket. You can use this to format XML or C# code samples, like this!


Afterwards, your code sample will be formatted both in your ticket-view and for staff :)



How to post Code Samples via email

You can reply to an email from our support desk, but, if you do please make sure you wrap any XML or C# code in <Code> tags. If you don’t use <Code> tags around XML fragments, our support-desk will fail to parse the code, and you will receive a telling off via email. Bad developer …



But what about the Forums?

Our forums also support code snippets. The notation is just like StackOverflow – you indent 4-spaces to create a new code snippet of any language.


That’s it!

So hopefully by now you can post code snippets in the forums, and in tickets. Awwwww yeah!


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