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Posted by Andrew Burnett-Thompson on 02 November 2020 07:06 AM

Quickest of the Quick Start Guides

Ok so you’ve downloaded and unzipped the SciChart JavaScript examples trial. Great! Now what?

Check out this Quickest of the QuickStart Guide below which shows you how to run the Examples Suite, work through the tutorials and see what SciChart.js can do.

1. Starting a SciChart JavaScript Trial

To try out SciChart.js, you will first need to start a trial. You can do this using our licensing wizard which is common to all SciChart platforms.

1. Download the Licensing Wizard

To start the trial, please download the Licensing Wizard to your Windows or Mac Desktop.

2. Log in

Next, log in to the Licensing Wizard using your username and password.

If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here.

Note: On your first login, on Windows, you may have to accept Firewall access for the Licensing Wizard. This is required for starting trials and licensing on SciChart.js and only uses traffic over localhost.

3. Start a Trial

Click “Start Trial” on the Trials tab for SciChart.js.

Your SciChart.js applications on localhost will search for the licensing wizard to validate the trial license locally. Leave the licensing wizard open or minimise to tray while developing!

Note, if you have purchased a paid license, then head over to Licensing SciChart.js to learn how to activate and use it, and create deployment keys for your domains.

Thanks, and enjoy!
[SciChart Team]

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