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Posted by Andrew on 11 December 2019 07:06 AM

In SciChart WPF SDK v6, SciChart Mobile SDK v3 or higher, you will need to use the Cross Platform Licensing Wizard to activate your SciChart licenses.

Note: The following method does not work with WPF v5 or Mobile v2. For licensing older versions of SciChart see the page licensing scichart.

Why Activate?

Activation is required to:

  • Use the SciChart software as a developer.
  • Access technical support Support Desk, or get faster technical support on our Forums.
  • Access the source-code of SciChart via Github (source-code customers only).

Activation is not required on build servers, or for end-users of your applications.

Where to Get the Cross Platform Licensing Wizard

The cross platform licensing wizard can be downloaded for Windows or Mac below:

Once installed, it will automatically update when we push a new release, which is required to stay in sync with our licensing servers. Our licensing wizard entirely replaces the SciChart WPF v5 Licensing Wizard for our WPF customers, and the online activation method for mobile customers.

We’d like to hear your feedback!

Please do try and use the SciChart Cross-platform Licensing Wizard to try out trialling or activating SciChart WPF SDK v6, or Mobile SDK v3.

Once we have finished our testing of the new system, we will be proceeding with the release of SciChart WPF SDK v6, Mobile SDK v3 and the new licensing mechanism on 6th Jan.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

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