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Create MultiPane Stock Charts with SciChartGroup
Posted by Andrew on 25 April 2014 06:19 PM

The following is a preview of SciChartGroup – a hidden feature in SciChart, which is being promoted to first-class citizen as of SciChart v3.0. In the upcoming SciChart v3.0 release there will be an example showing you how to create multi-pane stock charts using SciChartGroup and SciStockChart so you can create awesome WPF trading systems using SciChart.

Of course, being SciChart based its fast! We append over 10 years of daily EUR USD data plus the MACD, RSI and Volume in child
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Screenshots, XPS Printing, X-Axis Text Labels
Posted by Andrew on 18 February 2013 09:35 PM
Screenshots, XPS Printing, X-Axis Text Labels

I can’t recall the number of questions we’ve received on whether SciChart supports render to bitmap (screenshots), printing to XPS or PDF and text labels on X-Axis, so we’ve created a tutorial which encompasses all three! Hurrah!

Fortunately both Render-to-Bitmap and XPS printing are both features native to WPF. We present a demonstration application which does these, plus shows a few other neat tricks to
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Databinding Annotations with MVVM
Posted by admin on 16 February 2013 04:46 PM
Annotations with MVVM

An often requested demonstration is how to add and remove annotations on a SciChartSurface using the MVVM pattern. MVVM is a great way to split your code into View (user interface) and business logic, to create decoupled, testable and maintainable applications.

It’s easy to forget sometimes the purpose of MVVM (or any pattern) is to simplify software development and decouple modules, making for more maintainable software, when sometimes we do exactly
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Synchronizing ChartModifier Mouse Events Across Charts
Posted by Andrew on 08 January 2013 10:26 PM
Multi Chart Mouse Events

An often requested demonstration is how to synchronize mouse events across charts. We have used this feature in the SciTrader demo that you can view online (Silverlight 5), but what’s lacking is a clear and consise tutorial on this topic without all the other features that SciTrader demonstrates.

So here it is! Let’s get started. You will need SciChart v1.5.x for this.

Creating the Solution

First lets start by creating a
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