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Getting Started with SCICHART JavaScript Charts
Posted by Andrew Burnett-Thompson on 02 November 2020 07:06 AM
Quickest of the Quick Start Guides

Ok so you’ve downloaded and unzipped the SciChart JavaScript examples trial. Great! Now what?

Check out this Quickest of the QuickStart Guide below which shows you how to run the Examples Suite, work through the tutorials and see what SciChart.js can do.

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SciChart.js Licensing v1.x
Posted by Andrew Burnett-Thompson on 30 October 2020 07:05 AM

In order to license SciChart.js and unlock all its features, there is a simple procedure that must be followed. Without this you won’t be able to run or deploy applications built with SciChart.js. Licenses are unique to all SciChart products, so licenses for another products cannot be used for SciChart JavaScript Charts and vice versa.

Please be aware before starting usage of the SciChart software constitutes acceptance of
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Our Ultra-High Performance JavaScript Charts are now in Beta!
Posted by Andrew Burnett-Thompson on 14 October 2020 01:45 PM

Today we have an exciting announcement to SciChart’s now multi award-winning product line-up: SciChart.js BETA!

Check out what’s available below:

SciChart.js v1.0 Beta

Our best-in-class cross-platform charting library just got better!

SciChart.js is an ultra-realtime JavaScript Chart library, suitable for
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SciChart.js JavaScript Chart Progress Update Sept 2020
Posted by Andrew Burnett-Thompson on 10 September 2020 06:38 AM

Hey SciChart fans! We wanted to give you an update on our progress in creating SciChart.js – Fast JavaScript 2D/3D Charts for Web applications. You can watch a 5-minute flash update in the video below. Do be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page if you want to be notified of further updates!

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SciChart.JS Update – Fast Realtime Javascript Charts
Posted by Andrew on 15 March 2020 12:35 PM

About a year ago we announced that we would begin research into SciChart.js – a Fast, Realtime 2D & 3D Chart Component for HTML5 / Javascript apps. Today we have some more results to share with you and an update on our progress!

SciChart.js development is well underway within SciChart. Without giving too many technical details away, we have a
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This is a very early prototype …  but we wanted to share with you some exciting news … SciChart is working on a High Performance, Realtime Javascript Chart Component for the Web. 

SciChart.js – in progress now

Known as SciChart.js, this component will utilise our extensive 2D & 3D rendering engine built in C++, we currently use across our market-leading WPF, and iOS & Android Charts. Our
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