SciChart.js Domain Licensing FAQ
Posted by Andrew BT on 17 October 2023 03:22 PM

SciChart.js Domain Licensing FAQ

This article contains some additional information about SciChart.js Domain/Hostname licensing. 

Please read our Licensing FAQ for information about developer licensing. SciChart is licensed per-developer.

Domain licensing restrictions

SciChart.js has an additional requirement for hostname / domain name deployment which is described below. 

Individual Licenses

  • For each SciChart.js license (SciChart JS 2D Pro, SciChart JS SDK Pro) that you purchase at, you will be entitled to deploy to one production hostname and two test hostnames

  • What this means is, for each SciChart JS license that you purchase, you can deploy SciChart.js to one production hostname e.g. as well as two test hostnames, for example and

Bundle 2D Pro / Bundle SDK Pro Licenses

  • The Bundle 2D Pro, Bundle SDK Pro packages include a license for all our platforms (Windows, iOS/Android, macOS and JavaScript).

  • For each bundle license that you purchase you will be entitled to two production hostnames and four test hostnames

Bundle SDK Enterprise Licenses

  • For each Bundle SDK Enterprise License purchased, you will be entitled to three production hostnames and six test hostnames

Site Licenses

  • For SciChart.js Site licenses (including Bundle 2D Pro / Bundle SDK Site licenses) that you purchase, we can offer scalable tiers for multiple production wildcard domains and multiple test hostnames

  • Just let us know your requirements when contacting sales and we can create a package that is suitable for you.
Licensing SciChart.JS for electron
SciChart.JS runtime licenses normally validate against the hostname that the website is being served from. When building apps with electron, it is normal to load the html for the window from a file, rather than using http to a server. In this case, there is no hostname. Runtime licenses will still work, but you should use the appId, or app name of your application instead of a hostname in your license.

In certain situations (eg using webpack in developement) you might load the window from localhost, and in this case, normal runtime licensing will not work. You cannot add localhost as a runtime license hostname. Where you are doing this for development purposes, running the SciChart Licensing wizard with an activated developer license will allow you to use Scichart in your electron application.

If you have a need to deploy to production an electron application which must connect to a localhost server, please contact us as the runtime licensing options will depend on the scale of the solution.

OEM or Embedded Licensing

If your application will be deployed in a situation where the host name will be localhost (such as in an embedded device or kiosk) or you will not have any control over the host name that will be used, then normal host based licensing will not work.

SciChart has a solution for this use case ready which is an OEM or Embedded license (previously called a server-side license).  This works by licensing both the client side AND the server side of your application.  You will only need to provide a single endpoint that the client uses to validate its license on the server.

The server-side licensing component is written in C++. We already have wrappers for .net which will also run on Linux and arm devices (such as raspberry pi). Other platforms such as node.js and java will follow.

The OEM or Embedded license uses a single license pair for all devices and does not require any internet connectivity.  The only necessary communication is between the client and your own application that served it.

There is a ready-to-use version of this for .net core which runs on Linux, including on arm devices (such as raspberry pi). See more here:

Note that this OEM or Embedded licensing does requires agreeing to some additional terms and conditions, including the need to renew your license annually. Please contact sales for more details.

Notes & FAQs

Q: What counts as a HostName?

A hostname is a single domain plus prefix, for example and counts as two hostnames despite being the same domain.

Q: What is a Production Hostname?

Production hostnames are fully licensed SciChart.js applications without a watermark. These are perpetually licensed (never expire) and your app will run in perpetuity without any additional fees. For example, uses a production hostname as there is no watermark on the chart. 

Q: What is a Test Hostname

Test hostnames allow you to create watermarked applications (shows a small 'SciChart' watermark on the chart) and are intended for testing, staging and QA purposes. Test hostnames have an expiry and require you to renew your support subscription to keep using them. 

Q: Purchasing Additional Hostnames/Domains

If you want to license additional hosts, for example, if you are an agency creating applications, contact our sales team and we will be glad to help.

Q: How to assign/allocate HostNames

You can choose the production & test hostnames that you wish to license at your profile page:


If you have any questions about the domain licensing for SciChart.js, please contact us. Also, if you have custom requirements and would like a quote, we would be glad to help!

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