When to upgrade to a Site license
Posted by Sheldon Vestey on 11 November 2021 09:13 AM

// Our License Types 

SciChart offers different types of License which are suitable for different project and company sizes as well as varying project lengths.

Developer Licenses - come with scaling volume discounts when purchased together and in bulk as well as offering discounts on License length ranging up to 3 years.  SciChart Developer Licenses are capped at 3 activations per developer and require each developer to have a separate License Key. Individual licenses encompass both our Package offerings and Individual platform offerings.

Site Licenses are bespoke quoted soft-capped activation licenses for teams at one physical site. The most valuable thing about the site license is the ability to add in more developers whilst maintaining your relative discount count. Unlike Developer Licenses, the discounts on offer remain in place for site licenses meaning that as your team grows, you can enjoy the same pricing benefits from your initial volume purchase. Pricing scales in line with developers meaning that smaller teams can get the same benefits as larger teams but without paying the same fixed site license cost.  Site Licenses are not subject to individual developer activation caps and have a master serial key. Discounts are available on License Length and for multiple Site Licenses. Site licenses come with up to 6 hours free consultancy as well as a free 90-minute kick-off meeting. please contact Sales to discuss a site license.

Global Licenses are bespoke quoted soft-capped activation Licenses set within boundary tiers. If you’re interested in discussing a Global License, please contact Sales to let us know about your needs!

We are also able to offer hybrid Licensing between Site Licenses and Global Licenses where necessary if you have a medium size but distributed team. Please get in touch with Sales to discuss custom options.

//When to upgrade to a Site License

Typically, businesses start to look at Site Licenses when team sizes reach 8+. With the upgrade to a Site License, you receive several benefits:

1.) Retained volume discount – Fixed reduced costs mean simpler budget approval and a 50% renewal discount ensures a reduction in costs as your project progresses. Site licenses allow you to retain your existing volume discount as you add in developers either one at a time or several at once providing discounts of 20% or more over buying as individual licenses.

2.) Master Serial Key – a simple but invaluable benefit. All developers have a master serial key reducing team management time and completely removing the activation limit of Individual Licenses. Where projects utilise test machines, virtual machines or involve staff members who regularly work from different machines this benefit conveys huge time saving and administrative benefits. If your staff change, you’ll no longer need to pass over serial keys either.

3.) Increased voting rights - In our customer-driven feature request system, Site License developers get a vote multiplier of 3 vs the regular 1 or 2. This means that with an uncapped number of developers, Site License owners are able to push through feature requests. Learn more Here.

4.) Dedicated account manager - SciChart extends a singular point of contact at SciChart for licensing management queries with a phone number and personal email address.  The same staff member will personally handle renewals and be able to escalate support queries (subject to reasonable use policy).

5.) Free 90-minute Kick-off meeting – A chance to meet our developers, to discover more about our features, our API and to learn how to kick start your project in the best possible way. Get your developers up to speed, saving both time and money by having the roadmap laid out for you by SciChart Specialists.

6.) Free Consultancy – Scaled to the Site License type, we are pleased to offer a free consultancy package, up to 6 hours, on top of the 90-minute Kick-off meeting. Here you will be able to go over some of the points you discussed with our developers and get started on implementing your ideas with the guidance from our team! We'll also be able to undertake bespoke projects in this time and are happy to continue supplying Consultancy services after the initial time is spent!

7.) Discounted future Consultancy - Scaled to the License variety, discounts start at 2.5% and range up to 15%. Often, our own in-house developers who built SciChart are a more cost-effective solution for bespoke needs. With the appropriate license type, you can secure up to a 15% discount on our standard rates.

// What does this mean for you?

For Project Leads, the retained volume discount provided by the site license often makes budget approval and team scaling a much easier task. With fixed pricing and 50% renewals, the decision to grow your team or invest in your project becomes that much easier and is often simpler to get approved. Unlimited individual developer activations also means that working across devices and stations is that much simpler.

Similarly, for Managers, both our smaller and Enterprise customers have reported that the Master Serial Key significantly reduces administrative burden. As an example, a team lead or manager spending even one hour a week organising license distribution, activations, team changes or lost machines amounts to over a standard Individual License price in just one year. With higher salaried managers or larger teams, it quickly becomes beneficial to upgrade to a Site License. As our volume discounts apply only to orders purchased together, if you’re considering growing your team, this is often the best route due to increased costs in buying separately.

When we embarked on our customer-driven feature request system we thought it appropriate to scale our response to the companies that invested in us, investing in them in turn. With premium License types, the vote value is increased meaning that where a feature is demanded by these users their vote goes further towards securing development. For Developers, you can now request complex features or add-ons that would benefit your project and introduce them once completed.

Lastly, for the Whole Team, we realised that reducing the administrative burden is often key for Site License users. Due to this, we opted to provide our Site License customers with a dedicated account manager to help with their queries as well as a free Kick-off meeting and up to 6 hours of free consultancy with our development team to learn more about SciChart, ask about best practice and see how we can help speed up your project. As a thank you to our site license customers we also offer a scaling discount on future consultancy, based on the license or package type.

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