SeriesInfo - The Series ViewModel for Legends, Tooltips, Rollovers
Posted by Andrew BT on 13 February 2019 01:07 PM

The RolloverModifier, TooltipModifier, CursorModifier, LegendModifier and other modifier types, derived from the InspectSeriesModifierBase class, can be treated as data-sources, which give you an ObservableCollection of SeriesInfo objects (series hit-test result) to bind to in XAML:

The following classes in SciChart provide a collection of SeriesInfo that you can bind to: RolloverModifierTooltipModifierCursorModifier,

LegendModifierSeriesSelectionModifierVerticalSliceModifier. All these expose the SeriesData property which can be bound to.

Further Reading

For further information, please see our documentation SeriesInfo – the ViewModels for Tooltips and Legends.

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