Getting Nightly Builds with NuGet
Posted by Andrew BT on 05 July 2018 02:30 PM

As of SciChart v3.1 and above, we are now delivering nightly and stable builds via NuGet. 

What is NuGet? 

NuGet is a package manager for Visual Studio and .NET. It allows you to add a reference to a DLL and download it from the cloud. There is no need to keep DLLs in version control or install them on local disk. You can download them on-demand and link against them during your build process. 

How do I Use it?

In order to publish SciChart WPF we have created a private NuGet feed.

SciChart Nightly Builds NuGet Feed 

The secondary NuGet feed has been created for BETA packages such as the next major release. It is now used for nightly builds. These packages should be treated as unstable and the API may be in flux. The feed URLs for this are 


SciChart Official Releases NuGet Feed

The SciChart Primary Nuget feed is hosted by MyGet - professional hosted NuGet. It is intended to be used to host official releases. This feed operates over port 80 and SSL and should be available with 99.9% uptime. 

HINT: *.nupkg files can be unzipped if you rename them as zip. They contain the SciChart DLLs. So, even if you are not using NuGet, you can get our nightly builds by clicking the download button on the gallery page and unzipping the package.  


Integrating SciChart's NuGet Feed with Visual Studio

Step 1: Setup the SciChart NuGet Feeds in Visual Studio

You will need to setup your Visual Studio to read from the feed in the following manner:

  • Next, for any Visual Studio project right click the project and select 'Manage NuGet Packages'

  • Choose SciChart vs2013 or SciChart vs2015 as the feed, and if necessary search for SciChart. 

  • That's it! SciChart will be added as a reference to your project. 

Step 2: Updating to the Latest Nightly Build

Every night, our systems will publish a nightly build of the Stable SciChart Release branch to the SciChart NuGet feed. To get the latest you will need to update the package. There are several ways to do this:

  1. You can download the *.nupkg file directly from the server and unzip it. 
  2. Or, if using NuGet, follow the steps from the NuGet docs - Using the Package Manager Console and use the Package Manager Console command Update-Package SciChart to get the latest. 
  3. Or, re-do the steps above to Manage Nuget Packages and search for SciChart / Install the latest. 

There are a wealth of resources on the web showing how to manipulate NuGet Packages also.

Step 3: Update to a Specific Build

If you would rather update to specific release builds as opposed to nightly builds, you can do this via the Package Manager Console

Uninstall-Package SciChart -Force
Install-Package SciChart -Source -Version <!--press tab key for autocomplete -->

Step 4: (Optional) Viewing the Version History

Every night, our Build server publishes Nightly Builds from our repository to the ABT Software NuGet feed(s). This contains critical bug fixes and major/minor stable updates.

You can view the version(s) available in Visual Studio Package Manager Console by using the following command

get-package -ListAvailable -AllVersions -filter SciChart -source 


Troubleshooting NuGet Packages

Q: I can't build when Referencing NuGet in Visual Studio

If you experience any problems building a project which references a NuGet package, ensure the Enable Package Restore option is enabled on your Visual Studio project. 

Q: I can't build when referencing SciChart via NuGet on a Build Server, or on another computer

Make sure the SciChart NuGet feed is included in your NuGet.targets file, like this:

<ItemGroup Condition=" '$(PackageSources)' == '' ">
	<!-- Package sources used to restore packages. By default, registered sources under %APPDATA%\NuGet\NuGet.Config will be used -->
	<!-- The official NuGet package source ( will be excluded if package sources are specified and it does not appear in the list -->        
	<PackageSource Include="" />
	<!-- Also include the SciChart NuGet feed -->
	<PackageSource Include=""/>


  • We are only publishing critical bug fixes, or major/minor stable updates from our release branches. You can use the Nightly Build in production systems with confidence.
  • We are only publishing SciChart in WPF .NET4.0, .NET4.5 and .NET4.6 configurations.
    • We are not publishing x86 and x64, as NuGet does not support platform specific DLLs. 
    • The SciChart.Charting3D.DLL (containing the DirectX Renderer) has a dependency on SharpDX. This will be automatically installed when you install the SciChart3D package. 




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