Chart serialization
Posted by Admin - on 07 February 2019 03:02 PM

SciChart supports serialization of the chart settings to XML. This is useful if you wish to persist a chart configuration and restore it.

XML serialization is supported by implementing of the IXmlSerializable interface. This means that each serializable type has 2 implemented methods of this interface:

public virtual void WriteXml (XmlWriter writer)
    // Here we serialize properties we want to XmlWriter

public void ReadXml (XmlReader reader)
    // Here we reading and restoring state of properties from XmlReader

IXmlSerializable has also definition of GetSchema() method but this method should not be used.

Further Reading

Please take a look at this documentation article to learn more about serialization in SciChart and see an example. Also it is worth to mention that the Printing / Export in SciChart relies on the chart serialization mechanism.

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