AutoRange.Never vs AutoRange.Once vs AutoRange.Always
Posted by Admin - on 06 February 2019 05:41 PM

Axis AutoRanging

The Axis.AutoRange property defines how the axis autoranges when data is added:

  • Axis.AutoRange = AutoRange.Once (Default Setting)
    The axis will attempt to autorange once to fit the data as you start the chart. This is the default setting. Setting an explicit VisibleRange on the axis will override this behaviour.
  • Axis.AutoRange = AutoRange.Always
    The axis will attempt to autorange always to fit the data every time the chart is drawn. This setting will override any programmatic ranging, including zooming and panning by modifiers, but is useful in situations where you always want to view the extents of the data.

Further Reading

For further information, please see our documentation Axis Ranging - AutoRange and VisibleRange.

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