Scientific or Engineering Notation
Posted by Admin - on 13 February 2019 12:21 PM
All numeric axis types in SciChart support Scientific Notation with superscript. This is especially useful for LogarithmicAxis, because it allows to show logarithmic base that is used.
Setting Scientific Notation places the Exponent in a superscript text-label with the following three options:

Scientific Notation can be set via the ScientificNotation property. Also, it is required to provide Exponential Format Specifier as formatting string in the TextFormatting property. For example, the Scientific Notation may be enabled as follows:


var axis = new NumericAxis()
    ScientificNotation = ScientificNotation.Normalized,
    TextFormatting = "#.#E+0"


<!-- ScientificNotation.Normalized is used in conjunction with E string format to achieve superscript -->
<s:NumericAxis ScientificNotation="Normalized" TextFormatting="#.#E+0"/>

Further Reading

For more info about Axis Label Formatting, please refer to our documentation:

Usage and impact of different Notation types is demonstrated in the Logarithmic Axis Example.

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