LogarithmicNumericAxis vs NumericAxis
Posted by Admin - on 13 February 2019 12:18 PM

Logarithmic vs. Linear Axis

The LogarithmicNumericAxis is a Value-Axis with a configurable logarithmic base (e.g. Base 2, E, 10) and is suitable for the XAxis and YAxis when the data on that axis is numeric (e.g. double, int, float, long, short).

Logarithmic base can be set via the LogarithmicBase property. Axis labels formatting can be configured via the ScientificNotation property.

NumericAxis can be simply swapped for a LogarithmicNumericAxis and vice versa, as it is shown in the Chart Logarithmic Axis example from the SciChart Examples Suite.

Linear X and YAxis

Logarithmic YAxis

Logarithmic XAxis

Logarithmic X and Y Axis

Further Reading

For further information about the Logarithmic Axis API, please refer to the following documentation articles:

An example that demonstrates all the features of LogarithmicNumericAxis can be found in SciChart Examples Suite at Modify Axis Behavior -> Logarithmic Axis. The full source code is available online at this link.

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