Heatmap Series Overview
Posted by Admin - on 11 February 2019 02:23 PM

Heatmaps are represented by two heatmap types in SciChart:

Each of these is designed to display 2D arrays of data with real values. Every item in the 2D array is represented as a colored rectangle (“cell”); the color depends on corresponding item’s value:

Further reading

For further information, please see our documentation The Heatmap Type. The examples are available in the SciChart Examples Suite:

There are also other examples that demonstrate different features of SciChart Heatmaps. All of them can be found in the SciChart Examples Suite in the Heatmap Chart Types section.

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Kasper Hansen
26 March 2014 04:36 PM
It's not exactly clear what version this applies to. It is not 2.3.
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
08 May 2014 07:37 AM
Hi Kasper, all our documentation applies to the latest version, which is v3. As we update the version, we will update the docs. Hope this helps!
12 May 2015 04:01 AM
Does the legend support decimal places? If I utilize the following XAML command my legend shows zero at the minimum, midpoint and maximum.

<s:FastHeatMapRenderableSeries Maximum=".28" Minimum=".13">
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
08 July 2015 05:51 PM
Hi there,

We actually provide the complete control template of the HeatmapColorMap legend control here:

Using this you can create your own modification to the legend as you see fit.

Hope this helps!
19 October 2015 06:56 PM
Is there a way to blend the colors nicely? I see a bunch of blocks of color, it'd be nice if it flowed together like one big image instead of a bunch of blocks.


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