Antialiasing or No Antialiasing
Posted by Admin - on 06 February 2019 03:05 PM

All RenderableSeries types allow turning on/off of Antialiasing individually. This is useful when you wish to have a Candlestick Series with very sharp wicks, but lines must have antialiased smooth edges.

To turn Antialiasing on or off, simply set the AntiAliasing property on a RenderableSeries.

Turn AntiAliasing Off in Code

var rSeries = new FastLineRenderableSeries { AntiAliasing = false };

Turn AntiAliasing Off in XAML

    <s:FastLineRenderableSeries x:Name="lineSeries" AntiAliasing="False"/>

Comparison between an AntiAliased chart image and not AntiAliased is provided below:

SciChart renders faster with AntiAliasing off and this is a good performance enhancement when drawing large datasets.

Further Reading

For further information about the RenderableSeries API, please see our documentation. To learn more about rendering capabilities of SciChart, please see the documentation article on Renderer Plugins.

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