How to Get a No-Obligation Quote for Licenses
Posted by Andrew BT on 24 May 2016 07:41 AM

Many of our customers ask us if they can get a quote for licenses in their currency of choice. This is easy to do and you can get a quote in a currency of your choice online. 

First, go to and click on 'Buy Now' for the product you wish to get a quote for.


Select number of licenses, support duration, etc. After this select Secure Check out.

This will redirect you to FastSpring, a trusted reseller for SciChart. FastSpring's shopping cart page looks something like this

FastSpring auto-detects your country based on IP Address. This also determines the order currency, but you can change this in the drop down at the top.

For instance, if you wanted to get a price in Euros, then you can change your country to France.

You can also see any volume discounts in your choice of currency for purchasing multiple licenses. Enter the Quantity required and click on Volume Pricing Available. 

Volume licensing prices reported are per-developer license. 

e.g. in the above example, 5x developer licenses of SCICHART WPF 2D ENTERPRISE including 1-year support and updates would cost 5x €967.95 Euros = €4839.75 Exclusive of VAT or Sales taxes (where applicable). 

At no point in the above steps have you committed to buy, you have only seen the prices in your local currency, including volume discounts. If you are ready to commit to buy or wish to finalise an order, simply click Order Now on the FastSpring cart page. 


Important Note: our base prices are in US Dollars, and quotes in other currencies, such as Euros, British Pounds etc... are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Pricing on this page is for information purposes only and may be subject to change in the future. If you wish to get an accurate quote, please go through the steps outlined above and jot down the pricing. The quote is frozen (price fixed) once you complete an order.


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