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Posted by Andrew BT on 27 December 2019 09:39 PM

Q: What is the Support & Updates subscription, and how long does this last?

All our licenses come with a maintenance subscription for technical support which lasts 1-year, 2-years or 3-years (depending on the length of subscription purchased).

This means

  • For a period of 1-year (or 2, 3 years), you will be entitled to receive technical support
  • During the support & updates subscription, you will be entitled to receive and use the latest version(s) of SciChart that match your product keys. 
  • This includes major versions (e.g. v5 -> v6) released during your maintenance subscription as well as minor versions & bug fix builds. 
  • Trial Users and Educational users receive standard support via the SciChart Forums. All other customers may receive priority support via support tickets

Q: What happens when my support expires?

  • Your license key includes a date-stamp. So do the SciChart binaries. After the maintenance subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use your license key on newer version(s) of SciChart, which were released after your support expired. You will however still be able to use existing versions which you received during your maintenance subscription.
  • After maintenance subscription expires, you will not be entitled to receive technical support. This includes support on the forums as well as support-desk. Your account will be marked as ‘Support Expired’ and staff will see this in your profile. Support will resume once your subscription has been renewed.
  • You will be contacted by Sales to renew your support & updates subscription at a reduced rate. Renewal is available for 30 days after the license expires, after this the licenses revert to the full price, so it is beneficial to renew as soon as possible!

Q: Do I have to renew my support to keep using SciChart?

  • No you do not have to renew, but it is advisable if you have an active project.
  • If you purchased SciChart licenses then these are perpetual, meaning the version(s) of SciChart which you received during your support & updates window you may continue to use indefinitely, even after you have redistributed projects that use SciChart. 

Q: What are the benefits of renewing? 

  • Renewal is beneficial to continue receiving support. After your support expires, you will no longer be able to submit support tickets, and your profile will be shown to staff as 'Support Expired'. Questions on the SciChart Forums will also not be answered by staff if your maintenance subscription expires 
  • Renewal is beneficial to continue receiving the latest version(s) (or platform(s) for package users) of SciChart. Your license key will no longer work on newer version(s) released after your support expiry date. They will continue to work on versions released during your support & updates window. 
  • Renewal is beneficial to maintain lower long term costs of your project. For example, on a 3-year project, taking advantage of the renewal discount, your costs will be significantly lower than if you allow a subscription and renewal discount to expire and need to purchase again. 

Q: What does it cost to renew Support & Updates? 

Our full pricing can be found at Renewals are typically 50% of the list price at the time that you renew. To receive a bespoke quote please speak to Sales.

Q: How can I renew my Support & Updates Subscription?

Renewing licenses can be done directly from renewal emails or you will need to contact sales to tell us which product you wish to renew and how many licenses.

To make the process as easy as possible, please tell us the following information when you contact us to renew licenses:

  • Your original Order ID
  • The Product(s) you would like to renew
  • The Quantity of licenses you would like to renew

Q: When I renew, when does my new Support & Updates Subscription Start and End? 

When you renew, your new Support & Updates subscription starts one day after the previous subscription expiry, no matter when you buy it. For example:

  • You buy 5 licenses of SciChart WPF Professional on 10th January 2019
  • Your support expires on 9th January 2020 (1-year later)
  • You complete a renewal order (paid) by 29th January 2020 (20 days after support expiry)
  • Your support & updates subscription is renewed from 10th January 20120- 9th January 2021

In other words, the renewal discount is for a year from the end of your last subscription. You have some flexibility in when to renew but note, renewing late will not extend the renewed subscription end-date and the renewal discount is lost 30 days after you expire.

Q: Why are your renewals 50% of the original price? 

At SciChart we pride ourselves on providing excellent, high-quality support. We also want to help our customers make impossible project possible. We feel that as a project continues it should reduce in price and not increase. That's why we offer this great 50% discount!

Q: When I renew, can I upgrade?

Yes, sure! You can upgrade all your licenses. If you're going from one package to another, the cost is just the difference in price. If you're going from an individual option to a package it is the difference in price plus the upgrade fee!

Q: When I renew, can I downgrade my SciChart License? 

Sorry, it is not possible to downgrade except in some circumstances, for example if we discontinue a product we will offer you the choice to downgrade (or upgrade) to a similar product. 

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