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Licensing SciChart
Posted by Andrew on 07 November 2014 11:24 AM

Licensing SciChart

In order to activate your SciChart license, please choose one of the options below:


Best regards,
[SciChart Support]

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A frequently asked question at SciChart is how can I add a SciChartOverview to a Multi-paned Stock Chart hosted by SciChartGroup.

We already have a documented workaround for v2.x or later to add a SciChartOverview to appear under the last chart in an ItemsControl. This works fine for ItemsControls, but it won’t work with SciChartGroup.

Below, we present a way to add a Scrollbar to the SciChartGroup (multi-paned stock charts) using the new v3.2 ScrollBar API:

The Problem – Binding to SciChartGroup Templated Items

Why is this so hard? Well the SciChartGroup inherits the WPF ItemsControl. The actual charts are generated by the SciChartGroup.ItemTemplate. There is no reference to these charts at runtime, yet a SciChartOverview needs to bind to a parent surface.

So this code below, isn’t going to work:

<!-- This won't work ... -->
      <RowDefinition Height="*"/>
      <RowDefintion Height="Auto"/>

   <!-- ItemsControl bound to N Viewmodels, with ItemTemplate showing one chart per view model -->
   <!-- Note: SciChartGroup is an ItemsControl so the same problem applies to multi-paned stock charts -->
   <ItemsControl Grid.Row="0" ItemsSource="{Binding ChartPaneViewModels}">
         <s:SciChartSurface x:Name="sciChart">
            <!-- Omitted for brevity -->

   <!-- Requires binding to SciChartSurface, but we can't get this if its inside an ItemTemplate! -->
   <sciChart:SciChartOverview Grid.Row="1" ParentSurface="{Binding ElementName=sciChart}"
                           DataSeries="{Binding ElementName=sciChart, Path=RenderableSeries[1].DataSeries}"
                           SelectedRange="{Binding ElementName=sciChart, Path=XAxis.VisibleRange, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

This isn’t going to work. We must have a reference to first the SciChartSurface created by the ItemsControl. This is what our documented workaround on Adding a SciChartOverview to an ItemsControl does – it digs into the Visual Tree to find the first item generated by the ItemsControl. That’s fine for ItemsControls, but it also won’t work for SciChartGroup.

The Solution – using SciChartScrollBar (v3.2 or later)

The solution is to use SciChart’s new ScrollBar API, part of v3.2 or later.

What we’re going to do is include a ScrollBar inside the ItemTemplate for every chart pane, but only show it (Visibility.Visible) for the last chart pane. This gives us full control over the positioning of a scrollbar and ability to customise its background.

Note: this solution will now work with both SciChartGroup (multi-paned stock charts), or, ItemsControls in WPF or Silverlight, in v3.2 of SciChart or later.

The Code

<!-- Databinds a SciChartGroup to a list of ChartPaneViewModels -->
<!-- Child chart panes are generated using the ItemTemplate below -->
<s:SciChartGroup Grid.Row="1"
                    ItemsSource="{Binding ChartPaneViewModels}"
                    s:ThemeManager.Theme="{Binding ElementName=ThemeCombo, Path=SelectedItem}"
                    ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource ChartPaneStyle}">

            <!-- DataTemplate instantiates this View per ChartPaneViewModel -->
            <!-- This includes a SciStockChart, which is a specialized form of SciChartSurface -->
            <!-- which is tailored for Stock Charts (financial charts) with CategoryDateTimeAxis -->
            <!--                                                                                 -->
            <!-- It also includes a SciChartScrollbar to create a custom overview control, which is Collapsed for all but the last pane -->


                    <RowDefinition Height="*"/>
                    <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>

                <!-- Databinds each child SciStockChart to ... -->
                <!--  SeriesSource to BaseChartPaneViewModel.ChartSeriesViewModels -->
                <!--  Axis Properties, like s:StockChartXAxis.VisibleRange to CreateMultiPaneStockChartsViewModel.XVisibleRange -->
                <!--  Axis Properties, like s:StockChartYAxis.GrowBy to BaseChartPaneViewModel.IsFirstChartPane with a converter to change behaviour based on pane position-->
                <s:SciStockChart x:Name="PART_ChartPaneView"
                                SeriesSource="{Binding ChartSeriesViewModels}">

                    <!-- Properties omitted for brevity -->


                <!-- Displays a SciChartScrollBar bound to the charts XAxis, and visible only for last chart pane -->
                <Grid Grid.Row="1" Visibility="{Binding IsLastChartPane, Converter={StaticResource BoolToVisibilityConverter}}">

                    <!-- This is the Chart behind the scrollbar, bound to the First ChartPaneViewModel, first DataSeries -->
                    <!-- It displays the data as a FastMountainRenderableSeries -->
                    <s:SciStockChart x:Name="PART_ScrollbarChartBackground"
                                        Style="{StaticResource OverviewChartStyle}">

                            <s:FastMountainRenderableSeries DataSeries="{Binding ParentViewModel.ChartPaneViewModels[0].ChartSeriesViewModels[0].DataSeries}"/>


                    <!-- This is the scrollbar, its bound to the PART_ChartPaneView.XAxis above -->
                                    Margin="{Binding ElementName=PART_ChartPaneView, Path=Padding, Mode=OneWay}"
                                    Axis="{Binding ElementName=PART_ChartPaneView, Path=XAxis    }"
                                    Style="{StaticResource ScrollBarStyle}"/>


Code Walkthrough

  • The SciChartGroup is an ItemsControl. We declare an ItemTemplate to instantiate some view for each ViewModel in the ItemsSource. This is what gives us our multi-paned charts.
  • The ItemTemplate includes a SciStockChart (PART_ChartPaneView) and a scrollbar. So one of each is generated for each ViewModel
  • The Scrollbar area is actually a Grid, and another chart behind it (PART_ScrollBarChartBackground). This is how we create our ‘Overview’ control.
  • The Grid containing the ScrollBar is only visible for the last chart, see the Visibility binding Visibility=”{Binding IsLastChartPane, Converter={StaticResource BoolToVisibilityConverter}}”
  • The overview chart surface (PART_ChartPaneView) must display a MountainSeries from the first chart panes first series. We do this by binding FastMountainRenderableSeries DataSeries=”{Binding ParentViewModel.ChartPaneViewModels[0].ChartSeriesViewModels[0].DataSeries}”

How does it look?

Pretty awesome! We will be including this sample with the v3.2 Create Multi-Paned Stock Charts example, which is due to be released very shortly!

SciChartGroup with ScrollBar

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Support Policy
Posted by Andrew on 20 October 2014 09:03 AM

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical support and we want you to get a fast resolution to your requests.

In order to maintain an excellent level of service, as of 20th October 2014, we have re-defined our support policy.

What Support Resources do we provide?

All our licenses include access to these online resources:

Priority Support (SciChart Professional, Source-Code Customers Only)

After 20th October 2014, SciChart Professional and SciChart Source-Code customers will be given priority support. This includes:

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
**We will respond to your request within 24-hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UTC.

Basic Support (SciChart Basic Customers)

After 20th October 2014, customers who purchase SciChart Basic will be given basic support. This includes:

Existing customers who have purchased SciChart Basic prior to 20th October 2014 will continue to receive access to support-tickets until the end of their 90-day subscription, after which they will have the opportunity to upgrade to Professional or Source-Code.

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
**We will respond to your request within 72-hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UTC.

Do Trial Users receive support?

Yes, during your 30-day trial period, we welcome unlimited forum requests via subject to fair usage policy. Support-tickets with 24-hour response are reserved for paid SciChart Professional and Source-Code customers.

For corporate trial users and purchasing requests, please contact

What do we require from you when requesting support

In order to assist you best, please ensure when requesting support, you give us the following information:

  • Your Order ID when requesting support in private tickets (not forums!)
  • Clear definition of problem / or question, include screenshots where applicable.
  • One question per support-ticket or forum post.
  • If reporting a bug, please give steps to reproduce with our examples, or, a code sample we can execute.
  • We also need to know what SciChart Version you are using.

For more information, see our Question Asking Guidelines.

What do you describe as Fair Usage?

In order to keep providing our legendary levels of technical support, we have instituted a fair-usage policy for our support services.

  • If your volume of tickets or requests exceeds 10x the average, we reserve the right to delay or temporarily de-prioritize support.
  • Professional and Source-Code customers will be prioritized over Trial and Basic.
  • Bugs and feature requests will be prioritized based on the number of users they affect. Critical or wide-reaching bugs will always be given immediate attention.

Finally, with these changes we hope to align ourselves with industry standards while continuing to provide an excellent level of support/service which is well above what our competitors provide.

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]



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How to post Code Samples in Support Tickets
Posted by Andrew on 16 October 2014 08:50 PM

Our support-desk and forums have recently undergone a makeover, with new capabilities to handle Syntax highlighting a little better. Check out the new features below:

How to post Code Samples via

If you create a ticket at, you will see the new CODE button above the ticket. You can use this to format XML or C# code samples, like this!


Afterwards, your code sample will be formatted both in your ticket-view and for staff :)



How to post Code Samples via email

You can reply to an email from our support desk, but, if you do please make sure you wrap any XML or C# code in <Code> tags. If you don’t use <Code> tags around XML fragments, our support-desk will fail to parse the code, and you will receive a telling off via email. Bad developer …



But what about the Forums?

Our forums also support code snippets. The notation is just like StackOverflow – you indent 4-spaces to create a new code snippet of any language.


That’s it!

So hopefully by now you can post code snippets in the forums, and in tickets. Awwwww yeah!


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SciChart – From Strength to Strength
Posted by Andrew on 10 October 2014 10:31 AM

VBTechSupportRecently we stumbled upon a blog post on a competitor website saying that they had withdrawn support for their WPF Charting controls. We want to pay homage to Visiblox for being a worthy adversary and wish their team all the best in their ventures in the future.

We also wish to re-assure our current and future customers that SciChart is going from strength to strength. The article on the Visiblox site cites a reduction in demand for WPF Charts as a reason for withdrawing technical support:

Over the past 12 months Visiblox has experienced a significant reduction in the demand for Visiblox Charts and the WPF technology …

By contrast, here at SciChart, we are seeing the opposite. WPF remains the defacto platform of choice for high-performance scientific and financial business applications where CPU cycles are at a premium. As a result, we will continue to focus on the WPF platform for the foreseeable future.

Growth in Sales at SciChart HQ

At SciChart, we are continuing to see both growth in sales, user-engagement and growth in trust and recognition in the SciChart WPF charting software. Below is a graph from our Customer Database / Dashboard System, a bespoke platform that our parent company, ABT Software has built and integrates to FastSpring e-commerce.

The graph shows a 30-day moving average of daily sales dollar volume (left), and the cumulative sum of sales (right). Numbers have been obfuscated for privacy reasons. There is no slow-down here, in fact, we have seen an acceleration since April 2014 when SciChart v3.0 was launched and a robust third quarter despite a traditional seasonal lull in the summer months.


Important Announcement – Andrew joining SciChart Team Full Time

abt-logo-finalWe have significant plans for SciChart. Our parent business, ABT Software has seen such a growth in usage and demand for SciChart, that we are putting more resources on the team.

As a result, we are pleased to announce that Andrew, the tech-lead of the SciChart project will be working full time on SciChart as of end October 2014. Andrew will be reducing hours in consultancy projects in London and will be focussing focus more on SciChart related business to take our products and services to the next level.

We also have several exciting releases in the pipeline:

SciChart v3.2, due imminently!

v3.2 is due imminently and will feature the following.

  • Faster rendering performance in DirectX and software
  • Scrollbars API / Custom Overview Control
  • Multi-axis Polar Charts
  • Excel-style Stacked Column/Stacked Mountain/100% Stacked charts
  • Easier way to license the Examples application and all applications on your computer.

We realise we are a little delayed here, but do not fear. We just want to make sure its solid before it goes out!

SciChart Website / Support Site / Customer Database Integration

We are continuing to invest in integration of, and our customer database. Soon, we will be releasing updates to all three:

  • Allowing users to activate a SciChart license and link their license to the support account
  • Allowing staff and users to view their license details online
  • Improvements to including better code syntax highlighting, search, documentation improvements
  • Improvements to site-wide search
SciChart vNext

… Features and timescales to be announced, however our strategy is growth of new features as well as the stability of the existing API. We are working with our valued customers to develop the features they need, and are starting to branch out into SciChart/Visualization specific consultancy work, handled by our parent company ABT Software.

Are You Using Visiblox and want to Switch?

Finally, do you, or your organisation have licenses to Visiblox Charts and want to switch to SciChart? If you have a number of Visiblox developer licenses and are considering the future, we would be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss your project needs and if SciChart can meet them. We would also invite any feedback comparing our software with Visiblox, which would be kept confidential, and used to improve our products and services.

Contact mentioning you want to switch from Visiblox, what you need from SciChart, and our consultants will be happy to help.

Best regards,
[SciChart HQ]



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Here at SciChart HQ, we were browsing the interwebs for amusing cat videos, and stumbled upon this video review of SciChart by Bryan Downing at QuantLabs.NET:

.. A friend of mine in London has introduced me to what I would probably think is the number one charting package I’ve ever seen and I’ve studied lots of ‘em … It’s pretty impressive, it’s called SciChart … This software is unbelievably good! …


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 13.03.03

We just want to thank Bryan Downing of QuantLabs for taking the time to post this. It’s great to hear when people like what we do! If anyone has any feedback for us, or wants us to post a video review or case study, please get in contact!

Don’t forget, we’re not all about financial charts. This is an important market for us, and we love to work for you guys, but we we also serve a larger scientific charting user-base. To check out the flexibility and features of SciChart for Scientific & Financial Charting, please take a look at our demo, online at

Best regards,
[SciChart HQ]

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Not sure where to start? Contact us, we are happy to help!


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