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Support Policy
Posted by Julia Skorobogata on 20 September 2017 02:13 PM

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical support and we want you to get a fast resolution to your requests.

In order to maintain an excellent level of service, as of 20th October 2014, we have re-defined our support policy.

What Support Resources do we provide?

All our licenses include access to these online resources:

What is Priority Support?

After 20th October 2014, SciChart customers may choose between Professional packages with and without support, SciChart Source-Code products go with 1-year support always. This is Priority Support and it includes:

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
**We will respond to your request within 24-hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UTC.

What does and does not fall under the support scope?

Our support is handled by the same team of developers, who wrote SciChart and are happy to help you with:

  • Bug fixes, please report them with ample information and steps to reproduce;
  • Learning how to do “X” with SciChart library;
  • Pointing to the right getting started materials to take off with your project;
  • Logging new features, which will be prioritized according to fair usage policy.

To see the full functionality of SciChart library we suggest you try to build a proof of concept of your project with the free SciChart trial.

The following is not in the scope of support, however, we are still happy to assist you where we can as a part of consultancy work:

  • Creating a proof of concept for your project according to your requirements;
  • Custom new features or project parts;
  • Speeding up development of the features logged for the future sprints;
  • One to one direct contact with our development team over Skype.

Where do the trial users or no-support customers seek for help?

All of the resources mentioned at the top are open to everyone. We welcome unlimited forum requests. Anyone can ask questions on the forum or search. The format is Q&A, similar to StackOverflow. There is also a SciChart Tag on Stackoverflow.We love to answer StackOverflow questions. If you ask questions using this tag, our team will be notified. Please don’t underestimate the self-help: across SciChart WPF, iOS, Android, and Xamarin we have prepared hundreds of pages of Documentation, sets of 9 Tutorials for each platform,  250 source code examples. This all is gathered at SciChart Getting Started Page.

For corporate trial users and purchasing requests, please contact

What do we require from you when requesting support

In order to assist you best, please ensure when requesting support, you give us the following information:

  • Your Order ID when requesting support in private tickets (not forums!)
  • Clear definition of problem / or question, include screenshots where applicable.
  • One question per support-ticket or forum post.
  • If reporting a bug, please give steps to reproduce with our examples, or, a code sample we can execute.
  • We also need to know what SciChart Version you are using.

For more information, see our Question Asking Guidelines.

What do you describe as Fair Usage?

In order to keep providing our legendary levels of technical support, we have instituted a fair-usage policy for our support services.

  • If your volume of tickets or requests exceeds 10x the average, we reserve the right to delay or temporarily de-prioritize support.
  • Professional and Source-Code customers will be prioritized over Trial.
  • Bugs and feature requests will be prioritized based on the number of users they affect. Critical or wide-reaching bugs will always be given immediate attention.

Finally, with these changes, we hope to align ourselves with industry standards while continuing to provide an excellent level of support/service which is well above what our competitors provide.

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]



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SciChart v3.2 – We’re so close …
Posted by Andrew on 27 November 2014 10:23 AM

A quick update for those of you who are waiting for SciChart v3.2. We are so close! We just wanted to update you where we are at, so you don’t lose faith in us :)

You can grab a nightly build off our NuGet server right now (see below for details)

When will the MSI Installer / Full v3.2 Release be ready?

We’ve made some enhancements to our Licensing Server to accept manual (offline) activations via email, and process a response semi-automatically. Also to auto-detect proxy for HTTP requests. These need to be thoroughly tested as you can imagine.

We’re aiming to get it done, and packaged and released by end of the week. We will email via our newsletter once it’s ready.

But … We’ve prepared a NuGet package for you with v3.2 Enhancements

You can grab a nightly build off our NuGet server right now: If you have not activated already, this will require Activation with the SciChart Licensing Wizard, available in the v3.2 BETA MSI Installer. If you have, it should just work.

This is a stable package for v3.2 which includes many fixes and enhancements reported during the BETA phase. In a few days, we’ll release an installer with a small increment on this build. This will be the final v3.2 release – we hope :)

v3.2.0.5424 Enhancements

  • NEW! Added Logarithmic Base feature to LogarithmicNumericAxis
  • NEW! Added SelectedRangechanged scroll event for SciChartScrollBar, raised after interactions with scrollbar thumbs (dragging, resizing, programmatic changes)
  • NEW! Added support for RubberBandXyZoomModifier for polar chart. Removed obsolete property FitYAxisOnZoom
  • NEW! Ohlc, Hlc, BoxPlotSeries tooltips to use Axis Formatted Values
  • NEW! Added AnnotationBase.DragDelta event – for an event when a user drag occurs
  • NEW! Added HorizontalLineAnnotation.YDragStep – now supports drag with snap to step
  • NEW! LegendModifier.UpdateLegend, GetSeriesInfo now virtual methods, accessible by derived types

v3.2.0.5424 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Polar chart annotations issue after MouseWheelZoom
  • Fixed issue with tooltip template for Heatmap Series
  • Fixed polar chart ticks get detached (SL only)
  • Fixed broken rollover in Silverlight
  • Fixed crash in ToggleButtonExtensions in the VS Designer in some cases (affected examples)
  • Fixed AnnotationLabels now obey cursor text formatting
  • Fixed bug in NotifyAxesDataRangeChanged where it crashed if SciChartSurface.RenderableSeries collection was null
  • Fixed exception in Logarithmic Axis example in the examples suite
  • Fixed several modifiers throwing NullReferenceException if AxisCollection is null or empty
  • Fixed a bug in Dashed Lines for High Quality Render Surface, where dashes resulted in large gaps in some cases
  • Fixed a crash in StackedMountainsWrapper when using HitTest with DateTimeAxis
  • Fixed default CursorTextFormatting in NumericAxis
  • Several improvements and minor enhancements to Polar Chart series
  • Updated SciChart D3D NuGet package to reference and include D3DX9_43.dll, required if the end-user computer does not have the DirectX Runtime

Examples / Installation Improvements (Coming Soon)

You can’t get these now, as they will be part of the full installer, but when it hits, it will include

  • Improved Activation / Licensing Wizard. Now auto-detects proxy to send HTTP requests behind a proxy. Manual Activation now emails our licensing server for a quick (2 minute) automated response!
  • Improved deployment of DirectX. Included D3DX9_43.dll in the [Install Dir]/Lib/net40/ folder so DirectX works on computers without DirectX Runtime.
  • NEW: Added CustomRenderableSeries example – spline render series – to Examples suite
  • Improvements to several examples in the Examples suite


Where can I get it?

You can download v3.2.5424 off our NuGet server, either by referencing via NuGet Package manager, or by just downloading the *.nupkg, renaming to *.zip and extracting it.

If your support is in subscription and you have activated already, you should be able to use it straight away.


Thanks and regards,
[SciChart Support]

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Roundup of new FAQs – 17th October
Posted by Andrew on 17 October 2014 11:16 AM

In the past few days, we have added or updated a number of new FAQs to the Knowledgebase following user questions. Please see below.

Q: Does SciChart Support Technical Indicators? 


Q: How can I add Color to a Numeric Axis (Borders, Text, Gridlines)


Q: How can I add a Legend to the SciChartSurface?

Q: How can I template a Legend Control?


Q: How can I create custom Data PointMarkers?


Q: How can I Zoom Extents the SciChartSurface when checking a Visibility Checkbox in the Legend?

Q: How can I Template the SciChart Legend Control to add a Color Picker for SeriesColor

Q: How can I template the SciChart Legend Control to add a Slider for Stroke Thickness

Q: How can I toggle the Line or PointMarker in a FastLineRenderableSeries?



We invite your feedback and comments!

Managing up-to-date documentation for a feature rich library such as SciChart is an epic task, far bigger than writing the code itself, which is why we prefer to document by example.

However, we want to be as helpful to you as possible. If there any part of the Knowledgebase you think would benefit from our attention and you would like us to update or add-to please contact us with the subject line ‘Knowledgebase Enhancements’, or comment below.


Best regards
[SciChart HQ]

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Not sure where to start? Contact us, we are happy to help!


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