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Performance Tips and Tricks
Posted by Andrew BT on 08 May 2014 08:28 PM

While we believe SciChart is pretty performant out of the box, you can do a few things to make CPU cycles go that extra bit further. With the following tips enabled it is possible to render many tens of millions of points at interactive framerates with SciChart.

IMPORTANT! Ensure Data is Sorted in the X-Direction

The number one fundamental for high performance in SciChart is to ensure that data is sorted in the X-Direction increasing. As of SciChart 3.0 and above, this is not mandatory, but several key algorithms such as HitTest, Indexing and Resampling require that data is sorted in the X-Direction for optimum performance. With unsorted data, SciChart will still render, but it will do so using vastly inferior algorithms. The difference is tens of millions of points with sorted X-Data and a few hundred thousand without. We recommend if you can, sort.

For further information, please see our documentation Performance Tips & Tricks

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