Altering the Tick Frequency with AutoTicks
Posted by Admin - on 21 March 2014 11:19 AM

What are Axis Ticks and Deltas?

In SciChart, the ticks are small marks around the chart on an axis. They Also define the spacing of Gridlines, Axis Labels and Axis Bands.

AxisBase.MajorDelta and AxisBase.MinorDelta are properties on the axis which define the delta, or difference between Major and Minor ticks. By default, the MajorDelta, MinorDelta (therefore the Tick spacing) are calculated automatically when AxisBase.AutoTicks = true.

In this mode, SciChart will calculate the Major and Minor delta suitable to render the axis according to the VisibleRange and size of the axis. As you zoom and pan, SciChart will update the MajorDelta, MinorDelta of each axis, which affects the tick frequency.

For further information, please see our documentation Axis Ticks - MajorDelta, MinorDelta and AutoTicks

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