Specifying Text Labels with ILabelProvider
Posted by Admin - on 21 March 2014 11:19 AM

LabelProvider API - Full Control over Axis Labels

All Axis Types include the AxisCore.LabelProvider property, which allows a class to be attached to an axis for complete control over axis label output.

Use the LabelProvider when you want to:

  • Have fine grained control over Axis Text or Cursor Labels, depending on numeric (or date) values
  • Display strings on the XAxis, e.g. “Bananas”, “Oranges”, “Apples” not “1”, “2”, “3”
  • Dynamically change the Axis TextFormatting as you zoom in or out
  • Dynamically change the Axis TextFormatting depending on Data-value

For further information, please see our documentation Axis Labels - LabelProvider API


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