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NuGet Feed Nightly Build Retention
Posted by Julia Skorobogata on 04 July 2018 03:51 PM

As of July 5th, 2018 we are going to change our NuGet nightly builds and package policy. Please read on to secure your previously integrated SciChart packages and set up future feeds correctly into your build system.

Why the change in Package Retention?

Over the years we have built up quite a library of tens of gigabytes of NuGet packages. Our host won’t allow us to increase the disk space any further without going onto a dedicated server plan, which would result in a NuGet feed URL change and disruption to our users. We want to keep it as less disruptive as possible, that is why we’re introducing a new package retention policy to tell you what builds will be kept and for how long.

Nightly builds:

  • Important: From the 5th July 2018 onward, all nightly builds will be published to abtsoftware-bleeding-edge. See the this article to learn how to add this feed to your visual studio;
  • Nightly builds will be kept for no longer than six months, or last 100 packages, whichever happens sooner;
  • We encourage our users to use official release builds as we will be cleaning the feed from older builds.

Official releases:

Trimming older nightly builds

To preserve disk space we may start trimming older nightly builds in the v3 and v4 range, keeping official releases on the abtsoftware feed.

If you are using a nightly build we recommend using the latest (higher) official release as soon as possible. A list of official releases version numbers can be found at in the right-hand column, please see below:

official releases downloads scichart


If you have any questions about how to ensure that your SciChart integration is  seamless, please just contact us at support [at]

We are continuing to develop & support SciChart WPF and have some exciting new releases due soon. More to be announced in the near future!

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]



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Xamarin Forms 3.0 Released, WPF support in preview
Posted by Andrew on 13 June 2018 05:42 PM

We stumbled upon the news recently that Xamarin.Forms 3.0 has preview support for WPF!

This is really interesting for us at SciChart, as we make iOS Charts, Android Charts with Xamarin Support, as well as WPF charts, but we do not yet have a UWP chart solution. We feel that the API for UWP is incomplete and too immature to make good charting components or applications, so have avoided too much investment into this platform until it showed more promise.

Well maybe we won’t have to? If WPF becomes a first class citizen of the Xamarin ecosystem, then this should really be the first choice for cross-platform development of Xamarin applications which require a Windows app footprint.

Find out more about Xamarin’s plans here.

We will be prototyping to see what we can do with these frameworks soon.


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Support Policy
Posted by Julia Skorobogata on 17 May 2018 05:19 PM

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical support and we want you to get a fast resolution to your requests.

In order to maintain an excellent level of service, as of May 2018, we have re-defined our support policy.

What are the Support Options?

SciChart customers may choose between packages with and without support. The no-support option comes with 90 days updates only. The Supported packages come with at least 1-year Priority Support and Updates. SciChart Professional product comes with and without support, and the SciChart Source-Code products always come with 1-year support.

If you require technical support, please find what is the best way and place to ask it in the flowchart below:


Here are handy links for you:

  • To Submit a ticket to support team, please go here.
  • To ask a question on StackOverflow with tag SciChart, please go here.
  • To ask a question on SciChart Forum, please go here.

How do I do “X” with SciChart Questions:

  • Say what version of SciChart you are using;
  • Say what you want to achieve (screenshots, videos or diagrams if possible);
  • Show what you have tried (code sample);
  • Please ask for advice on your question clearly and cocisely.

Bug report:

  • Say what version of SciChart you are using;
  • Explain steps to reproduce, i.e. using our examples, or modifying one of our examples, or submitting your own code;
  • Say what you have tried (if applicable);
  • Do not put any proprietary information if you are sending it to bug-report at
What does the Priority support Include?

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
**We will respond to your request within 24-hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UTC.

What does not fall under the support scope?

The following is not in the scope of support, however, we are still happy to assist you where we can as a part of consultancy work:

  • Creating a proof of concept for your project according to your requirements;
  • Custom implementations, including providing assistance for unsupported features, new feature requests or use of the SciChart products setup outside of our guidelines;
  • Speeding up development of the features logged for the future sprints;
  • One to one direct contact with our development team over Skype or Teamviewer.

For all of the above, for corporate trial users and purchasing requests, please contact

What do you describe as Fair Usage?

In order to keep providing our legendary levels of technical support, we have instituted a fair-usage policy for our support services.

  • If your volume of tickets or requests exceeds 10x the average. We reserve the right to delay or temporarily de-prioritize support.
  • Professional and Source-Code customers will be prioritized over Trial.
  • Bugs and feature requests will be prioritized based on the number of users they affect. Critical or wide-reaching bugs will always be given immediate attention.

Finally, with these changes, we hope to align ourselves with industry standards while continuing to provide an excellent level of support/service which is well above what our competitors provide.

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]



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SciChart Support – Question Asking Guidelines
Posted by Julia Skorobogata on 16 May 2018 12:39 PM

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical support and we want you to get a fast resolution to your requests.

We are asked literally hundreds of questions per week and we want to help you to build applications using our software, but to do that we need you guys to ask excellent questions.

What self-help resource we provide?

All our licenses include access to these online resources:

Question Asking Guideline

  1. Your Order ID when requesting support in private tickets;
  2. Your SciChart Version; 
  3. Clear definition of a problem in Subject line;
  4. What exactly is the problem and what you are trying to achieve:
    • Imagine you are talking to a busy colleague and you need to sum up your question in one paragraph.
    • Please describe the current state you have and compare to a desired one.
    • Include any screenshots, videos or diagrams of what you want to achieve / what the problem is. Please make sure these are clear and visible!
  5. What have you tried so far?
    • Include Code samples of what you have already tried.
    • Modified one of our examples.
    • Make sure code is well formatted (see how to format code).
  6. Help us to reproduce: 
    • Please give us steps to reproduce.
    • Code samples that we ca execute will be of help.
  7. Proof-read before posting!
    • See if your question is consistent.
    • Have you not missed any details.
    • Please send one topic / question per request.


Thank you for reading!

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]



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SciChart Forum Switches to StackOverflow
Posted by Julia Skorobogata on 03 May 2018 09:21 AM

Hello SciChart customers!

We are always happy to take time to thank you for being with us.

Today we are experimenting with making the open SciChart website forum as a read-only and trialling providing tech support to trial users of ScIChart via StackOverflow with tag SciChart.

Why are we doing this?

SciChart provides two tiers of support.

  1. Customers who have purchased tech support get access to our support desk and are able to submit tickets with a 1-day turnaround.
  2. Customers in their trial can use the Forums.

What we have found is

  • Many questions on the forums lack the necessary steps to reproduce.
  • Have poorly formatted questions, code samples (often the result of our forum plugin, but sometimes user error)
  • Lack images or other aids to help reproduce problems.
  • A number of users who have not paid for support, or who have expired support are using the forums, creating a tax on our time.

This is causing us to lose a lot of time and making it more difficult to serve the customers that have paid for support. We could enforce strictly question asking guidelines, however, Stackoverflow has a very strong community which enforces guidelines: questions asked poorly will get downvoted by the community.

So, what we are doing for the month of May is trialling support on Stackoverflow. depending on the result of this month we may keep this or revert it.

How we will support you

Our team is monitoring the SciChart Tag on stackoverflow. Every day an email is sent to our team with new questions that have been asked. We will endeavour to answer you as we have been before.

However, questions which do not meet the Stackoverflow question asking guidelines will not be answered. It is possible the community will also downvote you! You have been warned!

Encouraging the Community

Finally, we hope this move will encourage the community to answer one another as well. Answer SciChart questions to gain reputation points! We hope this will also maintain the knowledge sharing on a high-profile level.

We will make the SciChart Forum read-only from May for 30 days and see how it works. We are welcoming your feedback by contacting us. Please let us know what do you think!

Best regards,

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